Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Integration

Associations use Salesforce as their single source of information from their members. Streamline your operations with our integrated system. Easily manage user access, group users, import activities, sync purchases, and share achievements seamlessly between systems. Elevate your training management effortlessly. 

Single Sign-On and Automatic Member Updates 

Streamline access with Single Sign-On (SSO) via Salesforce directly into TopClass. No more double logins! Once authenticated, TopClass effortlessly updates member profiles with the latest information from Salesforce. 

Group Your Members 

Simplify organization by grouping members. Our integrations automatically place members into designated groups, such as by location or membership type, saving you time and effort. 

Create Your Activities 

Effortlessly populate your activities by leveraging the Salesforce Catalog. TopClass seamlessly imports new activities, eliminating manual data entry. 

Sync Your Member’s Purchases 

Keep everything in sync. Purchases made in Salesforce are automatically imported into TopClass, ensuring that members have immediate access to their Activities upon login. 

 Activity Writebacks 

Instantly share Activity completion information with Salesforce in real-time. As members finish Activities, TopClass sends updates to Salesforce, keeping records accurate and up-to-date. 

Certification Program Writebacks 

Stay ahead with real-time certification updates. When members achieve certifications, TopClass promptly shares this information with Salesforce, ensuring seamless tracking and validation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When integrating with SalesForce, TopClass is can be configured to achieve SSO via either SAML or oAuth depending on what you prefer and require.

We work with the Salesforce REST web services API. SSQL queries can be provided and configured within TopClass to allow the correct data based on your needs to be retrieved. 

Yes, TopClass has developed its own direct Salesforce bridge, allowing integration without the need for any 3rd party.   You will need to provide us API credentials which can be obtained from your salesforce support representative.

Integrations are typically completed within a matter of weeks and require 10 – 40 Consulting Hours. We can provide an estimate following a discussion on the integration touch points.